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Latest blog posts about Saudi love

Saudi Arabia Saves Australian Camels from Biting the Bullet Posted on 13/02/2010

An unusual Saudi Arabian solidarity campaign has reached out across land and sea to give 6000 Australian camels a new home. The camels, due to be culled by the Australian government are to be airlifted to Saudi Arabia, fostered by experience camel raisers and entered in competitions or allowed free reign in the immense desert lands of the kingdom. The camel has been a loyal, loved and revered part of Arab heritage for centuries and this generous gesture to save the humped friends from the bullet seems like the ideal solution for Saudi Arabia and Australia.

How do Saudis Say I Love You on Valentine’s Day? Posted on 29/09/2009

It’s no secret that Valentine’s Day isn’t exactly encouraged in Saudi Arabia. Gift shops and florists clear away anything red or pink, as well as hearts, cupids and cuddly toys with tags that say "I love you." So how do Saudi’s feel about saying I love you on a specific day of the year? Is Valentine’s Day a big deal among the lovestruck in the Kingdom or a big fuss over nothing?

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