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  • nunshaima

    12 photos


    nunshaima Female, 27

    Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    Family origin: Saudi Arabian

    Religion: Muslim (Sunni)

    salam im just simple girl religiuos but at the same time open minded and flexible,i am looking for a guy who can help me to make closer to allah swt inshallh u will knw me bettr if by kowing each ot...

  • DyfahAlSaud

    4 photos

    Lookin for a wonderful husband to start a future w family wit.

    DyfahAlSaud Female, 20

    Daytona Beach (FL), USA

    Family origin: Syrian-Saudi Arabian

    Religion: Muslim (Sunni)


  • cherryish

    3 photos

    serious looking for marrige

    cherryish Female, 29

    Medina, Saudi Arabia

    Family origin: Saudi Arabian

    Religion: Muslim (Sunni)

    i'm a black saudi girl, people say that am attractive. im divorced and have one child. I used to work as instructor at Universty. I'm from Madina. Sensitive loyal and i hope that i'm a good mulsima. o...

  • drdpayte

    3 photos

    Looking for someone who will make my life complete

    drdpayte Female, 26

    Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

    Family origin: Filipino

    Religion: Christian (Other)


  • mariam

    2 photos


    mariam Female, 23

    Long Beach (CA), USA

    Family origin: Saudi Arabian

    Religion: Muslim (Sunni)

    I would like to think I am pretty cool – easygoing, a lady who "expects" little or nothing in to laugh and have good time....I practice treating people the same way I would like them...

  • Jermanlee

    2 photos


    Jermanlee Female, 26

    Khobar, Saudi Arabia

    Family origin: Filipino

    Religion: Christian (Catholic)

    It's kind of insane when you're in the public eye. People feel like they have a right to judge you. But I'm like, you've never met me. You've never spoken to me. And when I read articles about me...ho...

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Saudi Girls

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