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  • emanhamido

    4 photos

    I loooveee travelling :D

    emanhamido Female, 19

    Cairo, Egypt

    Family origin: Egyptian

    Religion: Muslim (Sunni)


  • yahlatifah

    2 photos

    Asalaamu Alaikum brothers in Islam!

    yahlatifah Female, 26 (recently online)

    San Francisco (CA), USA

    Family origin: Egyptian

    Religion: Muslim (Sunni)


  • yaraaa

    2 photos

    :) :)

    yaraaa Female, 25

    Toronto (ON), Canada

    Family origin: Egyptian

    Religion: Muslim (Sunni)


  • sarajamila

    1 photo

    Ta'aruf and looking for potential husband

    sarajamila Female, 21

    Cairo, Egypt

    Family origin: Egyptian

    Religion: Muslim (Sunni)

    I am 21 years old girl, looking for a good guy....

  • muslimuhh

    1 photo


    muslimuhh Female, 24

    Mankato (MN), USA

    Family origin: Egyptian

    Religion: Muslim (Sunni)

    i am a good muslim womanI'm down to earth, fun to be with,I love and cherish my family and friends, I'm caring, loving, patient, compromising, very shy at first, conservative, smart, strong, independe...

  • phaizahm

    1 photo


    phaizahm Female, 28

    Commerce City (CO), USA

    Family origin: Egyptian

    Religion: Muslim (Other)

    I love mingling and chatting away like a typical woman!...I’m not a shy, introverted lady and I’m not an extroverted lady either that has to show off. I’m somewhere in the middle...confident and...

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Egyptian Girls

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    kayoMale, 41Birmingham, UK

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    AatefMale, 29Geneva, Switzerland

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    waleed28Male, 28Manila, Philippines

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Boys Complain about Egyptian Girls’ Trousers Posted on 27/08/2009

Trousers that are worn tight and hang low is a Western fashion trait that many Egyptian girls have adopted on college campuses. As if life wasn’t already complicated enough for the nation’s young men, the sexiness of the girls’ apparel can prove frustrating. One engineering student from Alexandria decided to take matters into his own hands and in a matter of clicks a Facebook group asking Egyptian girls to loosen up when it comes to clothing was born. Today, girls and boys within and beyond Egypt use the forum to voice their opinion, and give and take advice on how to dress to impress without attracting the wrong kind of attention.

If you're a girl living in Egypt and have something to say, we'd be happy to share it on our blog. Tell us about it »

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