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Muslim Friends & Muslim Friendship

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  • ISSA84

    20 photos

    Issa.M.Shadid / hi 4 all .. have a nice day.

    ISSA84 Male, 30

    Hebron, Palestine

    Family origin: Palestinian

    Religion: Muslim (Sunni)

    looking for good partner of my life . and spend all my life with him .. I DONT CARE ABOUT THE : ( Relationship status & AGE ) , JUST LOOKING FOR Marriage LOVE TO CHAT ONLINE AND MAKE NEW FINDE...

  • mohanadsultan

    19 photos

    syrian man looking for american lady

    mohanadsultan Male, 23

    Damascus, Syria

    Family origin: Syrian

    Religion: Muslim (Sunni)

    im waiting......

  • mouadhtez

    14 photos

    Mr N!cE GuY ^^

    mouadhtez Male, 21

    Tunis, Tunisia

    Family origin: Tunisian

    Religion: Muslim (Sunni)

    I am a nice decent guy who is studying in 3rd year Business English and who is doing currently an Internship for my final project and presenting it in front of the jury in order to graduate.I am abou...

  • nunshaima

    12 photos


    nunshaima Female, 28

    Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    Family origin: Saudi Arabian

    Religion: Muslim (Sunni)

    salam im just simple girl religiuos but at the same time open minded and flexible,i am looking for a guy who can help me to make closer to allah swt inshallh u will knw me bettr if by kowing each ot...

  • tamer2012

    12 photos

    Love is not that easy !!

    tamer2012 Male, 36

    Cairo, Egypt

    Family origin: Egyptian

    Religion: Muslim (Sunni)

    I have graduated from Cairo University, Aviation Department with excellent with honor, I got married just after graduation, my marriage lasted 8 months, I have no kids, then I decided to travel to get...

  • Yaqoub

    11 photos

    first thing first

    Yaqoub Male, 19

    Kayseri, Turkey

    Family origin: Ghanaian

    Religion: Muslim (Sunni)

    i am a normal,understandable,caring and a simple guy.who has respect for humanity and take care of myself abd eveything around me....want to know more? feel free and contact u all...

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Latest blog posts about Muslim friends

The West Los Angeles Cousins Club: A Meeting Place for Muslim and Jewish Friends Posted on 28/02/2011

The West Los Angeles Cousins Club is a refreshing grass roots initiative in which 15 Muslim and Jewish friends meet once a month to talk, eat and explore faith and mutual understanding. The friends, or cousins as they call one another meet in each other's homes and enjoy conversation and cuisine from both the Muslim and Jewish cultures. Jewish women invite their "cousins" to religious gatherings and Muslim cousins reciprocate.

Muslim and Non-Muslim Friends: What Does Islam Say? Posted on 10/02/2010

As a strongly community-based religion, Islam requires all Muslims to deal kindly and fairly with all people and to have good relations with all people of all faiths. Muslims are perfectly entitled to enjoy friendships with non-Muslims and at the same time keep their own commitment to Islam pure and strong. For Muslims who live in multicultural societies, supporting fellow Muslims and followers of other religions is considered an essential part of daily life and an element that harmonizes and enriches communities. The line is only drawn at supporting a person who fights our faith, which is something few followers of any religion would be prepared to do.

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