Noor D’Izar: Belgium’s High-Fashion Hijabs Hit the High-Street

7 November 2010

As the headscarf debate peaks and troughs around Europe, splattered across the press on a seemingly daily basis.  I must confess I got to a point as a Muslim gal where I just said to myself “alright, enough already, I’ve heard all this before!”
Then I discovered Noor D’Izar – a Belgian label started in [...]

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Tony Blair’s Sister-In-Law: Touched by Islam…

27 October 2010

Remember when top model and society butterfly Jemima Goldsmith converted to Islam to marry cricketer Imran Khan?
Tongues wagged…. “She did it for love…” they said… “It won’t last…” they muttered.
Well it did.  What’s more, there are hundreds of cases of conversion to Islam for love (we’ve covered a scant few them of them here at [...]

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Something about Meriem Mustafa Mohamed: Spanish Muslim Soldier and Beauty Queen

18 October 2010

Magnificent Miss Ceuta, the golden-skin raven haired 23-year old  who has been crowned the most beautiful woman of the Spanish region where she lives is rather… different.
With the first rite of passage on her quest to become Miss Spain tucked neatly under her slender belt Meriem Mustafa Mohamed has become a celebrity for a couple [...]

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No One Knows About Persian Cats – The Sounds of Tehran’s Underground Music Scene

10 October 2010

Imagine you are in a band and you can’t play a concert, or even rehearse… Or that you can’t go to a party with friends and dance, or wind the window down and sing your heart out to alleviate the boredom of a traffic jam without fear of reprisals: fines, prisons or even lashings…
For me, [...]

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Arabic to be Saved by Superheroes: Manga to the Rescue…

2 October 2010

What do you think of when you hear the word Manga? Whatever action-packed, risqué menagerie of celebrated Japanese export springs to mind, it’s unlikely to conjure images of classical-style Arabic heroes…
Cue “Gold Ring,” an action-packed coming-of-age tale depicted in the flash-bang-wallop dramatic style Manga fans the world over know and love.  Yes folks, you heard [...]

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Sun, Sea, Sand and… Halal Holidays

19 September 2010

Turkish Beach holidays that uphold Muslim values? May sound strange at first, but let’s face it, there are some staples that constitute jolly holidays for all and sundry (Sun, sea, sand, r’n’r, time with the nearest and dearest etc) and others that many of us Muslims would rather live without…
Life’s a Beach
British tourists are known [...]

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Something to Chew On: Can Muslims be Vegetarians?

13 September 2010

Ifta means meat for many Muslims: in fact, as the cookie crumbles, we are eating more of it than ever before  – many of us tucking in every day.
According to an interesting Guardian article, a recent study by the Egyptian cabinet’s Information and Decision Support Centre, found 89% of Egyptians eat more than 2kg of [...]

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Fault Lines? One Iranian Muslim Cleric Claims Inappropriate Dress causes Earthquakes

5 September 2010

As you may have gathered dear readers, here at Love Habibi, we try to cover as many issues affecting young Arabs and Muslims around the globe as possible.
Our mission is to share information and news while respecting the spectrum of opinions that surround these relevant subjects: the conservative, the middle ground, the liberal and the… [...]

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Bahrain’s One and Only Love Store for Married Couples!

28 August 2010

Bahraini store-owner Khadija Ahmed is one brave and ambitious lady. She has set up and runs the region’s first love store, aiming to spice up married couples’ love lives. Khadija aims to save marriages and curb infidelity by putting the fizz back into Bahraini couples’ marriages.
“I established the store to help married couples, because the issue [...]

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The Whole World in Her Hands: Turkish Glove Designer Lamia Akar

22 August 2010

As you may have gathered dear readers, I am in The Big Apple. This trip has brought many gifts one of which has been a friendship with an amazing Turkish fashion designer named Lamia Akar.
The Road Less Travelled By
Lamia was a TV journalist in Germany, moving to New York in July 2001 as a correspondent [...]

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