Veena Malik: Flame or Shame of Pakistan?

by Anisa Benmoktar on September 21, 2011

“‘Let me grow as an artist or I will become President of Pakistan and rule this country.” – Veena Malik is loud and clear and she sure doesn’t mince her words.

Love her, or hate her and you’d have teeming support from thousands of others on either side of the fence. The fiesta Ms. Malik’s appearance on Indian reality TV Show Bigg Boss has ignited an avalanche of public debate among Pakistani society.

Some, like TV anchorman anchor Kamran Shahid and Mufti Abdul Qavi deem the Pakistani siren the shame of their nation, yet Veena’s defiance and self-defence as a modern, worldly woman have attracted admiration and adoration… after all, let’s face it, she’s not exactly hard on the eye.

V for Vendetta

There’s an interesting analysis of Veena’s turbulent trajectory in the Express Tribune. The big bang came in response to her attitude, attire and interaction with other contestants on Bigg Boss. It sent ripples across her homeland, attracting mud slinging from the moral police and much debate splashed across news headlines.

But Veena didn’t take it lying down. Instead she went live on national TV to fight her corner, asking the host, audience, and Pakistan, why such a big deal was being made about her TV show conduct when the nation had bigger fish to fry.

Fair point, regardless of how it was executed.

Then, to add a little fat to the flame, Veena took Mufti Qavi to task for allegedly rampant child abuse in madrassas.

Fight for Your Right to Entertain

“I am not a coward and can’t act like one,” Veena tells the Express Tribune, in an interview at her home in Pakistan.

Her dreams are far from humble, seems Ms Malik has been tempted by elevation to the giddying echelons of politics and won’t be dissuaded by those who deem her treasonous:

These few people are not the real Pakistan. I just want them to understand that I represent the entertainment industry of this country. Let me grow. Let me go places as an ambassador of this country’s entertainment industry.” She says.

Flying or Fanning the Flame?

“I would like to be the President of Pakistan, even if I am asked to pick the presidency of any country in the world.” Veena’s clearly on a mission.

Patriotic, she certainly is, although I can’t quite envisage a female Reality TV star with a penchant for stilettos making the Pakistani Presidency just yet. But then again, there are stranger things in heaven and earth:  nobody envisaged California’s governor either.

Flame or Shame of a nation? It all depends on how you look at Veena Malik, but she’s far from dull or dumb. Her passion and moxie are admirable and I’m curious to see where she crops up again when the dust from this particular TV typhoon settles.

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