Arab Women Co-create Madrasati Palestine (Palestine is My School)

by Anisa Benmoktar on June 27, 2010

40 Bahraini women have joined a Jordanian initiative to defend the rights of Palestinian children in Jerusalem. This educational project will renovate rundown schools in East Jerusalem and was started by Queen Rania last month, in tandem with the launch of the Arab Women’s Network.

The Power of Combined Talent and Strength

The AW network is made up of women from all over the Arab world, who will organise functions and charity events to raise funds for the project.  Forty Bahraini women have taken on the task of raising awareness for the initiative and the status of education for Palestinian children in East Jerusalem.

Queen Rania is an avid speaker for the rights of people living in the Middle East, particularly those in Palestine.

Each Bahraini team member was hand picked by Queen Rania’s office, which oversees the project in accordance with the schools listed for renovation, sponsored by Jordanian Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs.

An Honorable and Inspiring Initiative

Bahraini chapter member Dalia Kanoo spoke to the Gulf Daily News about her pride in being part of the initiative:

“When I received the call to be part of the network, it was an amazing feeling because Queen Rania is an inspiration to us all,” She said.

“Everyone in the chapter is honoured to be working for this cause and they are ready to do the necessary to make the initiative a success.”

It seems that the women have a clear goal-oriented game plan:

“In Bahrain we are working towards organising events to collect donations, which will be used for the children of Palestine and to raise awareness on the condition of education there.” Dalia affirmed.

Helping Palestinian Children: Every Arab’s Responsibility

Dalia hopes all Bahrain residents will pitch in and help with the initiative to improve the lives and education of these Palestinian children, citing it as the responsibility of each and every Arab.

“It doesn’t matter what religion they are or where they live, we need to take on this cause as an Arab initiative and help those whose voices can’t be heard,” she said.

“It’s high time we stepped up and did the right thing because education for them is the most important thing… This is an issue of the Arab community as a whole and it’s our responsibility to take a stand.”

Fighting the Good Fight

The women join Palestinian, Jordanian and Lebanese counterparts who will work to inform all layers of society about the precarious situation faced by Palestinian children when it comes to education.

“People might know what’s going on in the political arena, but they don’t know the details of how children fight on a daily basis just to reach their schools and get an education in a proper environment. Despite all their efforts, they are still not receiving the education they deserve. So how can we know this fact and not do something about it?” Dalia told GDN.


The Bahrain chapter has already organized two successful events to collect donations and are planning a third, a Gala dinner on May 29th 2010, sponsored by Royal Charity Organisation (RCO) chairman and Supreme Council for Youth and Sports first vice-president Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa.

Chapter member and Jordanian Ambassador’s wife Enas Majali will host the event, and entertainment will be provided by Bahraini singer Najma Abdulla and Lebanese singer Jehad Aqeel.  An auction of paintings will be held, featuring pieces by renowned Bahraini artists, plus a raffle with the opportunity to win airline tickets, Blackberries and Tiffany’s jewellery among other goodies.

You can find more info on the initiative at:

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