Muslim Dating Sites: Made for People Like Us?

by Anisa Benmoktar on March 20, 2010

I’ve been reading up on how Muslim internet dating sites have changed the lives of many young followers of our faith: From  Abu Dhabi to Zimbabwe, from the traditional to the liberal there are success stories for every day of the week. It got me wondering why it works so well…

On the Same Page

I guess first and foremost, the immense choice of partners available on Muslim dating sites, means by investing a little time and discernment you can find a “match” for pretty much any criteria.

Muslim dating sites are focused on finding love and marriage. In situations where dating is difficult or downright impossible, zillions of young Muslims have found the path to love and happiness through such sites…

Most of the young Muslims who use these sites are looking for a life partner rather than a fling. It’s good to be able to state this from the get-go and find someone (who appears to be) on the same page.

Windows Shopping

Mutually shared values and the chance to talk/type it all through before meeting someone in person can be great if, like me, you’re a little timid/bashful/clumsy in face-to-face encounters.

The Internet makes the world both a bigger and smaller place when it comes to the online romantic odyssey. I met my partner on the internet, and with 6000 miles between us, the likelihood of us meeting by running into each on the street was marginal, to say the least.

Of course, selecting someone who appears to be ideal is only the first stage – instant compatibility only has substance if both partners are telling the truth, and we’ve ALL heard our fair share of horror stories…

Sticking to the Rules

Internet dating doesn’t break any of the Muslim rules of “hands off before you’re married.” Whether we’re traditional or liberal, the Internet goes some way to providing the peace of mind and security that Cyberland offers protected courtship. We can decide if we want to meet a partner in advance, arrange a meeting with family members, or simply disappear if instinct overrides. (Mind you, so can “they”.)

I really think, that the Internet is a great cupid for young Muslims looking for love. It helps keep our traditions alive, but it opens a new dimension and enables us to connect with whom we want, when we want and on our own terms.

Have you got a Muslim dating site success story to share? Did you meet your partner here? Do us a favour and do let us know.

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William Jonas@Online Dating Services Las Vegas July 4, 2013 at 6:11 am

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