Dating in Lahore: A Few Pointers From an Insider

by Anisa Benmoktar on December 14, 2009

Yes, I’m at it again, cyber-trekking the globe to bring all you romantics out there the sweet and low-down on dating in other countries. I always find that local blogs are like compasses, they point you in the right direction and show you where’s north.

Pakistan Paindabad’s interview “There are No Discos in Lahore” has a fascinating (and humorous) whistle-stop tour of dating etiquette and norms in Lahore. MBA student Tehman Lall speaks up to reveal what’s hot, what’s cool and what you definitely shouldn’t do vis-à-vis dating in Pakistan’s cultural capital. Here are a few highlights:

More than One Way to Dance?

There may be no discos in Lahore (although, if you know something we don’t, please let us know!)  but there are plenty of gorgeous gardens you can stroll around (discretely) with your sweetheart. Shalimar Gardens, Lawrence Gardens, Race-Course Park and Model Town Park are Tehman’s top tips.

If it’s a bit chilly, and you’ve a bit cash in your pocket, you could try the cafés and restaurants at Gulberg and Defense, although our intrepid guide advises subtlety and discretion.

If you are mobile and smitten, Tehman’s top tip for the ideal rendezvous point is the leafy green Jallo Park near Wagah on the Indian-Pakistan border. A slight jaunt outside of Lahore, our guide informs us that this is the place where folks of all class and walk come to date when they want to distance themselves from questioning eyes.

Lahore city view

Got the Coordinates, Now How Do you Get Your Date?

When it comes to approaching the lady or gent of your desire, Pakistani society is diverse, and beliefs on dating range form the conservative to the ultra-modernized. Nevertheless, most guys and gals keep a distance.

Tehman does reassure us, however, that he’s heard of young couples in some parts of Lahore meeting in music stores, and falling in love.

Lahore’s numerous colleges and universities are known as being places where young couples meet and interact, but that being said, watchdogs are often planted to ensure that attention stays firmly on studies.

The Sun Always Shines on TV

Hollywood movies often get the blame for inciting dating among Lahore’s young people, not to mention imported TV shows such as Friends and Desperate Housewives. I found Tehman’s take on TV and film-inspired dating really interesting.

He feels that interaction between the sexes in vital for the growth of young people in Lahore “as individuals, as a society and for a mobilized youth.”

By spending time with ultra-conservative and ultra-modern in Lahore, our guide feels that dating and faith is more a question of personal integrity than anything else, as he status in the conclusion to the interview.

“I have met youngsters who are quite traditional, aware of their roots, culture, beliefs and yet have no qualms in interacting with the opposite sex in a mature and healthy manner. Some of them are fully aware of the western lifestyle but still do not seem to be influenced by the cable culture.”

Thanks Tehman and thanks Pakistan Paindabad – for the enlightening blog and lens into Lahore dating culture!

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